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Property plots are parcels of land that are legally owned by individuals or organizations. They may be used for a variety of purposes, such as building homes, starting businesses, or farming. A plot of land is typically defined by its boundaries, which are usually marked by fences, walls, or other visible markers. The size and shape of a plot of land can vary greatly, depending on its location and desired purpose.

Why We are here?

Plotperty.com is an online information portal which provides with the latest monthly updated reports about Plot as investment Property around the Globe. Plotperty is all about data, lists, investments and other related services available in the industry of properties. Commercial, Residential, and Industrial are the categories in which we have divided. As for the sizes it varies from small plots for house to medium plots for flats & shops to large plots for factories and plants.

The reason we are all about Plot as investment Property is because Real Estate Land is the only asset which appreciates with the passage of time, and very rarely loose its value. From the beginning of Mankind, realty has always been one of the most basic asset for consideration, trading and investing. According to Maslov’s Hierarchy of needs, Shelter is one of the basic ones. And without Land, there cannot be any shelter. Hence it is Possessable property which holds its value for basic human survival.

The owner of this site is Abdullah Sherwani, whose livelihood is linked with the industry of Real Estate for the last couple of years. He is passionate about understanding Humans. So he tries to follow his passion in the Human Science. His online presence is with the name of Shessols, and can be followed on several different social media platforms. Apart from Realty and Humanities, he lives a very private life. That consists of his parents, his friends, and of course the love of his life; myself.

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