khayaban e muhammad karachi


Khayaban e Muhammad Karachi

Khayaban e Muhammad is a society, located in the city of Karachi in the country of Pakistan. Today, in this society 125 and other sqyds are the sizes of zameen that available for selling, buying and construction.

Currently, Khayaban e Muhammad has the following status: boundary wall since , water supply since , sewerage since , gas supply since , electric supply since , roads since , telephone since . As for the amenities in Khayaban e Muhammad, there are mosques, parks, schools, sports centres, and pumping stations in the planning.

Karachi comes in the travel route of many tourist and transporters, hence it has a traffic of its own, whihc increases its importance which appreciate the rates of property of plots in this area of Khayaban e Muhammad as well. Location of the society on googlemaps is

Available files for sale and purchase in the market for Khayaban e Muhammad makes it a safe society. But Khayaban e Muhammad is available for lease to individuals by the government or society. Since is a society in Karachi, it comes under the authority of .

Here are the details about the improvement price, size with respect to time of Zameen Khayaban e Muhammad Karachi for

End of List Khayaban e Muhammad

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