List of Illegal Projects, Schemes & Societies in Malir, Karachi

List of Illegal Projects, Schemes & Societies in Malir, Karachi

ملیر ، کراچی میں غیر قانونی منصوبوں ، اسکیموں اور معاشروں کی فہرست

The list by Deputy Director of Anti-Corruption Establishment, East Zone contains 146 projects in District Malir of Karachi. Details about the irregularity or the legal shortcomings of these projects are not revealed in the list.

List of Illegal Projects, Schemes & Societies in Malir, Karachi


Serial No. Name of scheme/ society Deh
1 Muhammadi Housing Scheme Sharafi Goth
2 Commander Enclave S.No.103 Deh Tore
3 Aviation Enclave S.No.101,105,116 Deh Tore
4 Khanqah Noor Muhammad Goth Nc 55 Deh Tore
5 Gulistan-E-Mustafa Socity S.No.514 to 517, 550 To 552, 456 Deh tore
6 Qalander basti S.No.290,294, 395 To 400, 499 Deh Tore
7 Ghafoor Basti Deh Mallah
8 Bin Abdullah S.No.73,74 Deh Tore
9 Gulistan-e-Ahmed S.No.78 Deh Mallah
10 Falak Naz S.No.380,08,409,459,285,286,324,289 Deh Mallah
11 Silicon Garden S.No.273 Deh Mallah
12 Saylani Apartment S.No.271 Deh Mallah
13 Alizi Garden S.No. Deh Mallah 02
14 Malir/Town Mehran Town S.No.260,261,270,271 Deh Mallah 39
15 Patras Garden NC 407 Deh Mallah
16 Sohni Hamled S.NO.312,313
17 Gulistan-e-Ahmed S.NO.280,283 Deh Mallah
18 Qasimabad S.NO.306 Deh Mallah
19 Paradise S.NO.207 Deh Mallah
20 Hamal Garden S.NO.226,227,229 Deh Mallah
21 Gulistan-e-Shireen Nai Thado 467 Deh Mallah
22 Saima Green Velay Nai Thado Deh Mallah
23 Gulshan-e-Fazila S.NO.23 Deh Thano
24 Shaban Garden S.NO.287,288,291 Deh Thano
25 Gulshan-e-Amina S.NO.295 Deh Thano
26 Ghazi Town S.NO.311,312,313,339 Deh Thano
27 Siddiq-e-Akbar S.NO.251 Deh Thano
28 Gulshan-e-Qadri S.NO.248,247,249 Deh Thano
29 Malir House S.NO.928,927 Deh Thano
30 Haroon Garden S.NO.291,292 Deh Thano
31 Burhani town S.No.456,455,452,454 Deh Thano
32 Khayaban-e- Muhammad S.NO.735 Deh Thano
33 Gulistan-e-Ahmed S.NO.424,425,426,728
34 Makka City S.No.484 Deh Tahno
35 Asad Baig Nc 671 S.No. 689,650 Deh Tahno
36 Maminabad S.NO.537 Deh Thano
37 Ittifaq colony S.NO.531 Deh Thano
38 Millat Garden S.NO.872 Deh Thano
39 Gulshan-e-Ibrahim S.NO.446,507,509 Deh Thano
40 Danish Cyristal Project Malir
41 Hadeed Park City project Malir
42 Al-Basit Dariy City project Malir
43 Muhammadi city project Malir
44 Shahid Nasir Society S.NO.07 Deh Thano
45 Gulistan-e-Ali S.NO.35,36,45 Deh Thano
46 Yasir Society S.NO.40,46 Deh Thano
47 Abdullah Murad Dream City S.NO.43,43,36,37,38 Deh Thano
48 Aryan City S.NO.47,48,49,50,53,54,55,56,57& Others Deh Thano
49 Moninabad S.NO. 537 Deh Thano
50 Samo Village l,ll, lll Nai Malir Deh Thano
51 Sohaira House Survey #330,331 Sector 50 Sceme-33
52 Ali Town Survey # 322 Manghopir Road
53 Cpec City Karachi Main Superhighway
54 Al-Rahim Raza City Sector 31 & 32 Scheme No.33 Gulshan Town 1
55 Sehraz Town  
56 Al-Qasim City Super Highway
57 Al-Safa Gargen Manghopir Road
58 Anabia Enclave Manghopir Road
59 Green Housing Sceme  
60 Gulshan-e-Sameer Deh Thano
61 Usmania Town  
62 Makka City SuperHighway
63 Madina City SuperHighway
64 Idel City  
65 Bohpal Town  
66 Al- khateeb City  
67 Raji City  
68 saim City  
69 Anara City  
70 Gulshan-e- Noor  
71 Sidra City National Highway
72 Gulshan-e-Fasial National Highway
73 Maria City  
74 Brook City Taisar Town Near K 04 Water project
75 Sehar Cottage Manghopir Road
76 Ajwa City Opp. Gulshan-e-Zia Sector 11 -1/2 Block E Orangi Town
77 Al-Asar Association Survey NO.393,394 Deh Allah Phihai, Malir Karachi
78 Al-Zehra Residency Survey NO.155,156 157& Deh Allah Phihai, Malir Karachi
79 Al-Zehra Residency Survey NO.153,154 Deh Allah Phihai, Malir Karachi
80 Analiyo garden project Survey NO.37 Deh Allah Phihai, Malir Karachi
81 Sanober Garden Residency Survey NO.142,143,139 & 389 Deh Allah Phihai, Malir Karachi
82 Green City Survey NO.158,160,160161,/2 Deh Allah Phihai, Malir Karachi
83 Omega City Survey NO.158,160,160161, Deh Allah Phihai, Malir Karachi
84 Memon housing society Survey NO.272 Deh shah Mureed Malir Karachi
85 Memon housing society Survey NO.209 Deh shah Mureed Malir Karachi
86 Makka Garden Survey NO.270 Deh Allah Phihai, Malir Karachi
87 Gulshan-e-Aisha Proget Survey NO.30 Deh Allah Phihai, Malir Karachi
88 Omega City Survey NO. 215Deh shah Mureed Malir Karachi
89 Tayyab Garden Survey NO.339 Deh Narathar Malir Karachi
90 Omega City Phase-1 Survey NO.83,84,121,122 Deh shah Allah Phihai,Mureed Malir Karachi
91 Omega City karachi Survey NO.159,164 Deh shah Mureed Malir Karachi
92 Northran Bypass Vally Survey NO.318,320,321,322Deh shah Mureed Malir Karachi
93 Omega City Phase-2 Survey NO.310,311,312,314,315,326,327,328,&325 Deh Narathar Malir Karachi
94 Omega Garden City Survey NO.265 to 275, 282,283,287 Deh Narathar Malir Karachi
95 Tayyab Garden Survey NO.154 Deh shah Mureed Malir Karachi
96 Pak china town Survey NO.161,162 Deh Narathar Malir Karachi
97 Gulshan-e-Roomi Survey NO.108, 109,110,111 Partly 112 Deh Safoora Malir Karachi
98 Gulshan-e-Roomi Survey NO.67,68,69,70,80,81,82,97,381,382,438,&549 Deh Mehran-1 Malir Karachi
99 Burhani Garden Survey NO. 436,454,451/1,457,457/1 and 571 Deh Thano Malir Karachi.
100 Rana Homes Survey NO.282,284,285 Deh i Thano Malir Karachi.
101 Pakistan Diamond City Survey NO.201,208,211,533,534,560,706,707,789,&790 Deh Thano Malir Karachi.
102 Mominabad Survey NO.573 Deh Thano Malir Karachi.
103 Tahir villas Survey NO.265,266,267,Deh Malh Malir Karachi.
104 Khayban-e- Muhammad Survey Land Deh Thano Malir Karachi.
105 Saeedabad City Deh Kharkaro Malir Karachi.
106 Tahira bad Survey No.453,471/1 Deh Thano Malir Karachi.
107 Burhani Town Survey No.455 & 456/1 Deh Thano Malir Karachi.
108 Bagha-e-Mehran Survey No.83/1,83/2,84/3,86/41,331 Deh joreji Malir Karachi.
109 Ezzy City Survey No.83,84,333,334, Deh joreji Malir Karachi.
110 Gulshan-e-Faisal Survey No.90 To 101,326 & 326 Deh joreji Malir Karachi.
111 Gulshan-e-Falak Naz (shadab Developers Survey No. 485 To 499 Deh joreji Malir Karachi.
112 Gulshan-e- rehman Survey No. 450 Deh joreji Malir Karachi.
113 Gulshan-e- Hadeed Phase-l,ll,lll Na Class No. 344 Deh joreji Malir Karachi.
114 Mujahid Town Survey No. 114, 115, 117, 119, & 120 Deh joreji Malir Karachi.
115 Romen City Phase-lll Survey No. 554 Deh joreji Malir Karachi.
116 Sidrah City Survey No. 639 Deh joreji Malir Karachi.
117 Wali Town Survey No. 8,9 and 10 Deh joreji Malir Karachi.
118 Wali Town Phase-ll Survey No. 7,12,13 Deh joreji Malir Karachi.
119 Malik Etahad chs  
120 Gulshan-e-Mehmoodul Haq Chs  
121 State Bank Staff Chs  
122 Gulshan-e-Jiwan  
123 Fazaia Housing Scheme  
124 M/S Silk Bank Ltd Through Javed Akhtar S/O Muhammad Abul Hai & Others  
125 M/S Silk Bank Ltd & Saudi Pak commerical Bank Ltd Through officers javed Akhtar  
126 Qadir Bux S/O Dad Rahim  
127 Nasir Ahmed S/O Abdul Rehman  
128 Data Nagar  
129 Gulistan-e-Hadeed  
130 Gulistan-e-Muazzam  
131 Royal city  
132 Shah Town Phase l&ll  
133 Shah Faisal Town  
134 Bagh-e-Jinnah  
135 Falak Naz Residency  
136 Qasim Town  
137 Green Pak City  
138 Araft Town  
139 Al-Syed Center  
140 Barkat-e-Madian  
141 Faiz Gunj  
142 Jami-e- Ibrahim  
143 Gulshan-e-Fatima  
144 Gulshan Society  
145 Gulshan Farooq  
146 River Vellay  



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