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Zameen Sudhnoti

Sudhnoti is a city in the province of . It is considered largest city of Pakistan. It contains more than Private and Government Societies with Plots available for construction, buying and selling. Those society consists of the sizes of 125 sqyds, 250 sqyds, 500 sqyds (1 Kanal), 1000 sqyds (2 Kanal) and several other sizes. Those plots are commercial, residential (including farmhouses), industrial and agricultural properties.

Location of Sudhnoti on googlemaps is

For sale/purchase in the city of Sudhnoti, consider the following:

Sudhnoti city has several mosques, and other visiting places. Roads, Electricity, Water, Gas, and other amenities are available in the city. Education and Health are also available. It is a main travel route and has his own tourism market of local and international tourists. So, when are you visiting this shehar? We hope soon!

Sudhnoti Development Authority is the government agency. This authority deals with the lease and other matters of the real estate properties in the city.

Here are the details about the improvement price, size with respect to time of Zameen for

End of List Zameen Sudhnoti

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