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Are you searching for an affordable and contemporary living space in Lahore? Consider Al Kabir Town Lahore! This wonderful housing scheme meets international construction standards using the latest technology. Meanwhile, it is located in the heart of Punjab, Lahore, and ideal for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle. Howeever, the project consists of two phases, both approved by the LDA, ensuring the highest safety and quality standards. Likewise, Al Kabir Town is committed to providing modern and stylish homes to middle-class and employed individuals who desire a luxurious lifestyle at a reasonable cost. With Al Kabir Town, your dream of owning an affordable, modern home can come true!

Owners & Developers

When searching for a house or plot in a housing society, it’s crucial to investigate the developers involved in the project to ensure their reliability and trustworthiness. For that, Al Kabir Developer is an excellent choice, as they have a solid reputation for completing quality real estate projects on time.

Moreover, their latest project is generating a lot of excitement in the market due to its prime location on the main road and innovative NRI housing concept. Similarly, this modern approach is expected to make it a standout in the real estate market.

In addition, Al Kabir Developer has previously completed highly valued projects such as Kings Town, Al Kabir Orchard, and Maryam Town, which have earned praise for their excellent ideas and timely execution. Therefore, if you’re searching for a dependable developer with a proven track record, Al Kabir Developer is definitely worth considering.

Al Kabir Town Lahore Location phase 1

Simultaneously, imagine living in a peaceful and fully equipped housing society at an affordable price! Al Kabir Town is located in the heart of Lahore, close to posh neighborhoods like Bahria Town Lahore and Valencia Town Lahore. For this, its great location is gaining popularity as individuals aim to get away from the city center’s pollution, noise, and traffic. Raiwind Road has now become a significant connection linking different areas of Lahore, making it a favored option for both real estate developers and investors. Adding, all these advantages, it’s not surprising that Al Kabir Town is an eagerly awaited project for people who desire a cozy and practical lifestyle.

Al Kabir Town Lahore Phase 2 Location

Al Kabir Town 2 is a beautiful modern building located opposite the Main Boulevard of Lake City on Raiwind Road. Whose location is convenient, as it is situated close to Ada plot, Dream Housing Society, and Beaconhouse National University Tarogil, which can be reached by turning from Mirza Chowk towards Tarogil. Additionally, the upcoming Lahore Ring Road will run close by, making it a desirable investment opportunity. However, the peaceful and verdant environment of Al Kabir Town 2 provides a calm retreat from the noise, pollution, and traffic of the city center, making it an ideal place for individuals looking for a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. In conclusion, it’s an outstanding housing scheme for anyone seeking an excellent living experience in Lahore.

Master Plan of Al Kabir Town Lahore

Furthermore, when considering a housing society, the master plan is of utmost importance. Again, professionals who designed the master plan for Al Kabir Town Lahore took into account all aspects to create a modern and enjoyable living concept.

Moreover, the society’s launch began with Phase I in 2016, followed by the introduction of apartments in March 2017. Two months later, investors were given the opportunity to invest in Phase II blocks A, B, C, and D. In July of the same year, Block E and Phase III, known as Kings Town Lahore, were introduced. Ali Block, introduced in 2017, is an ideal choice for those who prefer a peaceful lifestyle with high-quality infrastructure, meeting international standards. Besides that the Usman block, which offers the same amenities and facilities, was later introduced.

Furtherly, Al Kabir Town on Raiwind Road is strategically located in a prime area near Lake City and Bahria Orchard in Lahore, making it an ideal and convenient location. Apart from this, it is a popular choice for both investors and residents due to its proximity to several upscale housing developments, including Bahria Town and Valencia Town Lahore.

Also, the society’s master plan offers a variety of housing options, such as flats and plots, to cater to the needs of all individuals and families.

Al Kabir Town Lahore Payment Plan 2022

Al-Kabir Town Phase-1 offers affordable payment options for residential and commercial plots in the 3 to 5 Marla range. Additionally, the payment plan spans over three years, making it convenient for clients to buy property. Consequently, with an initial payment of only 25% of the total cost, clients can book their plots, and the remaining amount can be paid through monthly or half-yearly installments.

Al Kabir Town Lahore Prices PHASE 1

Sizes in MarlaBlocksTotal Price
Commercial 25×40
Commercial 30×60   

Al Kabir Town Lahore Prices PHASE 2

Al Kabir Town Lahore Phase II offers various plots in Ali, Umer, Usman Blocks, and others. Adding, it has approved LDA private and public plots available for sale. You can pay cash or choose the 3-year installment plan. Book your plot with just 25% down payment and pay the rest in five years with monthly or half-yearly installments. Contact us for more details via phone, website, or Facebook page. Invest in this opportunity now!

Sizes in MarlaBlocksTotal Price
  A, B, C, D1,500,000
Commercial 25×40
Commercial 30×60   
  Umer Block1,500,000
  Usman Block1,650,000
  Ali Block1,500,000

Facilities and Amenities

Al Kabir Town Lahore is not just a housing society, it’s a complete package that offers its residents a luxurious lifestyle. Here are some of the amazing features and facilities that make it stand out from other societies:

MOSQUE: Al Kabir Town has a beautiful central mosque built with a perfect blend of Islamic architecture and modern facilities to provide a peaceful atmosphere for worshippers.

WATER & POWER SUPPLY: The society has arranged for 24/7 electricity supply through underground wiring and installed water filtration plants to ensure clean and pure water for the residents.

SHOPPING MART: For leisure and shopping, Al Kabir Town has its own shopping mart where residents can shop and spend quality time with their family and friends.

GYMNASIUM: An outstanding gym equipped with the latest equipment and tools is available for the fitness enthusiasts in the society.

POWER GENERATION & ELECTRICITY BACKUP: The society has its own power plant and a well-planned power system with a backup power generator to provide uninterrupted electricity supply to the residents.

RESTAURANT: The society also has a masterly planned restaurant area that will cater to all your food cravings.

HOSPITAL: A high-standard state-of-the-art hospital equipped with modern machinery and a 24/7 emergency center is also planned to be built in the society to ensure the best healthcare facilities for the residents.


The notable characteristics of Al Kabir Town Lahore include:

  • Beautiful entrance
  • Modern Architecture
  • Spacious Parks and Open Spaces
  • High-Quality Construction
  • 24/7 Utilities
  • Advanced Security
  • Convenient Location
  • Eco-Friendly Features
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities
  • Educational and Healthcare Facilities
  • Zoo
  • Health Facilities
  • Shopping Center
  • Very close to the central locations & other societies


To sum up, Al Kabir Town Lahore is an affordable and well-planned housing society that provides contemporary living spaces for middle-class and working-class individuals who desire a luxurious lifestyle. It is strategically located on Raiwind Road, near Bahria Town and Valencia Town, making it a desirable investment opportunity. Al Kabir Developer is reputable for delivering quality projects on schedule. The society’s master plan caters to various needs, offering a variety of housing options, including flats and plots. The payment plans for both residential and commercial plots are affordable and spread over three years, making it easier for buyers to invest in the property. Overall, Al Kabir Town Lahore is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable, comfortable, and convenient lifestyle.

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