Till date there are 22 best universities all around Pakistan in relevance to civil
engineering field which is the field that focuses its attention towards facilitating the
general public under civil sector via construction projects and the like infrastructure
Among the top rating universities offering civil engineering includes National University
of science and technology (NUST), NED University of engineering and technology, UET
Lahore, BUITEMS Baluchistan. With the advent of year 2022, demand of civil engineers
is ever increasing and the field is prospering across the country due to Pakistan is all
set up to welcome new construction projects like Bahria Town, DHA, (LA) Punjab
Transmission Lines and Grid Stations Project, CPEC, Civil Works for the Construction
of Category-II and III Structures at K2/K3 Nuclear Power Plants in Karachi, Construction
of AJ Towers at Gulberg Greens, Islamabad and so on and so far. This is evident that in
upcoming year opportunities for civil engineers are widening to an extent with
highlighting civil engineering as a potential path to adopt as a career.
A lot of the civil engineers are looking forward to pioneer their own projects and services
through real estate business which turns out is also flourishing in Pakistan as either a
central source of income or a side source of continuous income. In the hour of
pandemic not only civil engineers but local citizens came to this realization that the
property business is the one and only to stand out. Increasing number of people are
moving towards this property business day by day which means there is an urgent need
to create awareness by educating people about the hows and whats strategies of this
platform in order for them to excel.
Currently, there are only two well-known institutes across Pakistan offering real estate
education namely Panjwani Institute of Business studies and Technology (PIBSAT) and
National Institute of Real estate Management (NIREM). To avoid scam and fraudulent
experiences in one’s journey towards real estate there should be more educational
institutions offering real estate education or the existing universities offering civil
engineering must participate and involve real estate courses as part of their contribution
towards creating a society of well-educated and intellectual real estate minds. As 80%
of the total asset of a country is based on the real estate it is worth to establish and
promote real estate education on a broader scale.
Why is there an essential urge to review the real estate platform? According to
consensus, mean average size of a Pakistani household consists of six individuals
taking into consideration in the coming era Pakistan will be in need of well established,
equipped & well-constructed 20 million housing units to accommodate around 120
million people to reach that value there should be a proper system, professional minds,
quality and quantity of land which should be utilized in a constructive and civilized way
to fulfill that target. Not only do we need proper education for real estate but also need
to offer and practice trainings on field to give closure and set up criterion which will
better accomplish the desired outcomes.

Written by Dua, E 32

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