engineers and professionals cooperative housing ep update

Engineers and Professionals Cooperative Housing Society is located near the Northern bypass of Karachi. It started receiving payments 35 years back. People paid their amounts. Many people made their full payments, and the land is not allotted to the payers. The administrators or the ones who were managing this society are found nowhere. People who invested in it are feared of losing the resources they have put in. The management has given the ownership of the plots to some of the people who have paid for the land. But here comes another problem. The management is asking the people who have already completely made their payments to pay again. So, this way they are trying to charge again indicating to more corruption taking place.

In every housing society, one annual general meeting takes that is also called AGM. AGM is conducted to see annual accounts of the society, adopt different accounts, and get them approved by the members of the society. They also report and discuss the issues and affairs of the society among the members. The auditor for the society is also approved in AGM. In the case of Engineers and Professionals Cooperative Housing Society is not conducting its AGM for a long time. This gesture points towards some serious issues that are not being communicated to the buyers. There can be some issues of ownership or encroachment or any

Their social media handles are neither posting anything nor responding to anything. There is a complete, meaningful, and fearful silence adopted by the management. The last post on their social was posted in November of 2017. And they are irresponsive until now.

Written by Farhan Afzal, E 14

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