Gulshan e Maymar, Sector Z – Kanza Khan

Pagent NameKanza Khan
Pagent Whatsapp00923308312684
Pagent EmailN/A
Pagent CodeC593
Pagent AgencyPrime Investment Builder’s and Developers
Project CodeR593
Project NameGulshan e Maymar, Sector Z
Project CityKarachi
Project AddressGulshan e Maymar, M9, Karachi
Primary Unit for Plot Area Calculationsqyd
Residential Plots Sizes120200240400600
Residential Plots Price RangeInfo N/A
Commercial Plots Sizes120
Commercial Plots Price RangeInfo N/A
Apartments Price RangeInfo N/A
Shops Price RangeInfo N/A
Residential Yes
Commercial Yes
Primary Unit for Plot Area Calculation Yes
Residential Plots Sizes Yes
Residential Plots Price Range Yes
Commercial Plots Sizes Yes
Commercial Plots Price Range Yes, A25
Apartments Private
Apartments Price Range Yes
Shops Half Constructed
Shops Price Range

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