Illegal housing Societies in Karachi

Many homes/Societies in Karachi are somewhat illegal, and the supreme court of Pakistan has ordered the demolition of unauthorized housing schemes. Similarly, many properties and buildings are warned due to illegal housing projects, and as an outcome, Some are demolished now. Furthermore, Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) was ordered to demolish all the Illegal Housing Societies. SBCA has collected data on all the illegal properties. Besides, they also advised property buyers to stay away from dealing with and booking unlicensed projects.

However, the Director-General of SBCA has released the list of illegal projects in the city. Moreover, these projects are promoted through advertising campaigns on media channels for booking, sale and purchase.

SBCA illegal Housing Schemes List

  1. Ablagh-e-Aama Cooperative Housing Society
  2. AGS Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  3. Ahsanabad Cooperative Housing Society
  4. Al Madina CHS, Al Manzar CHS
  5. Al-Ahmed CHS
  6. Al-Falah Cooperative Housing Society (Malir Halt)
  7. Al-Ghaffar Nagori CHS
  8. Allahabad CHS
  9. Al-Rizwan Cooperative Housing Society
  10. APP Employees CHS
  11. Atiba CHS (Bostan Heights)
  12. Bagh-e-Yousuf CHS
  13. Barlas Moon City CHS
  14. Bhopal Homes CHS
  15. Burhani Garden CHS
  16. Burhani Town CHS
  17. Chapal Cooperative Housing Society
  18. Chapal Luxury Villas-I, II and III CHS
  19. CP and Berar CHS
  20. Evacuee Trust Property Employees CHS
  21. Firdous CHS
  22. Gulistan-e-Zarrin CHS
  23. Gulshan-e-Bilal CHS
  24. Gulshan-e-Jiwan CHS
  25. Gulshan-e-Quddus (Al Azim) CHS
  26. Gulshan-e-Shiraz CHS
  27. Gulshan-e-Surjani CHS
  28. Gulshan-e-Taufeeq CHS
  29. Humair Town CHS
  30. Jamiyat Punjabi Suadagaran CHS
  31. Javedan (Naya Nazimabad) CHS
  32. Karim Town (Gulshan-e-Ellahi) CHS
  33. Khayaban-e-Muhammad CHS
  34. KN Gohar Green City CHS
  35. Marina Garden CHS
  36. Merry Land (Garden City) CHS
  37. Mnasmr (Heaven Pride) CHS
  38. Modern Developers CHS
  39. Mominabad Phase-II CHS
  40. Muslamanan-e-Punjab CHS
  41. Pakistan Aircrew CHS
  42. Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation CHS
  43. Pakistan Council of Scientific CHS
  44. Pakistan Steel (Gulshan-e-Hadeed) CHS
  45. Pearl Villas CHS
  46. PIA Employees CHS
  47. PIDC Employees Multipurpose CHS
  48. PS City Phase I&II CHS
  49. Quetta Town CHS
  50. Qureshi Cooperative Housing Society
  51. Rafi Pride-II CHS
  52. Rub Razi CHS
  53. Ruknuddin Khan CHS
  54. Saadabad CHS
  55. Safari Associates CHS
  56. Saima Green Valley CHS
  57. Saudabad Colony Trust CHS
  58. Shah Wilayat CHS
  59. Sherwani Royal City CHS
  60. Sindh Provincial Employees CHS
  61. Sultanabad CHS
  62. Television Employees CHS
  63. The Alfalah Cooperative Housing Society
  64. The General Construction Cooperative Housing Society
  65. The Pak Construction Cooperative Housing Society.
  66. The South Construction CHS.


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