Illegal Housing Societies in Lahore 2022

Illegal Housing Societies in Lahore 2022

Illegal Housing Societies in Lahore 2022

List of illegal housing societies in Lahore for 2022

Lahore, the capital of Punjab province in Pakistan, is a city that is experiencing rapid growth and development, including in the real estate market. However, with this growth comes the risk of illegal housing societies that can pose a serious threat to the safety and well-being of potential buyers.

It is important for individuals looking to invest in property in Lahore to be aware of the potential risks and to thoroughly research any housing societies before making a purchase. To help you protect yourself and your investment, here is a list of illegal housing societies in Lahore that you should avoid:

  1. Al-Rehmat Town
  2. Theme Park View Housing Scheme
  3. Kamboh Colony
  4. Bin Alam City
  5. Pak Town
  6. Hafiz Town
  7. Amir Town
  8. Alqadir Associates
  9. Military Accounts Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme
  10. Military Accounts Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme Phase 2
  11. P&D Dept. Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme Phase 2/Urban Canal City
  12. Gold Asia Orchards
  13. Hamdan City Housing Scheme
  14. Canal Residencia/Green Park
  15. Canal Residencia/Green City
  16. Rehmat Town
  17. Gulshan-e-Yaseen
  18. Gulshan-e-Noor
  19. Ali Alam Garden
  20. Rizwan Garden
  21. Khabar Garden
  22. Tufail Garden
  23. Garrison Garden Phase 3
  24. Nasheman Riaz
  25. Victorious Garden/Nigehban Housing Scheme
  26. Royal Enclave
  27. Khursheed Town
  28. Teachers Colony
  29. Ajwa City
  30. Golf View Residencia, Bahria Town
  31. Doctors Society
  32. Abad Gardens
  33. Paradise Valley Phase 3
  34. Z A Gardens
  35. Iqbal Park
  36. Bilal Town
  37. Gulberg Town
  38. Fahad Town
  39. Gulshan-e-Haider
  40. Sattar Town
  41. Noman Block
  42. Garrison Housing Scheme Land Subdivision
  43. Bilal Ganj, Wahga Town
  44. Malik Irfan Garden
  45. Ali Town
  46. Atta Town
  47. Ghouse Garden Phase 2
  48. Asad Town
  49. Rehman City
  50. Noor Garden
  51. Sky Land Housing Scheme
  52. Atta Town Phase 2
  53. Aqil Garden
  54. Heaven Villas
  55. Aqab Ur Rehman
  56. Mughal Homes Phase 2
  57. Alkhair Garden
  58. Makhdoom Homes
  59. Alhassan Garden
  60. Alhamd Villas
  61. Metro City
  62. Alraheem Industrial Block
  63. Madni Housing Scheme
  64. Barera Homes
  65. Azn Ragen
  66. New Jeevan Yadgar
  67. Madina Industry Zone
  68. Shalimar Industrial Scheme
  69. Manj Town
  70. Almadina Town
  71. Makkah Gardens
  72. Arain Gardens
  73. Aftab Homes
  74. School Lane Barkat Colony
  75. Barkat Colony Housing Scheme (Al-Qadir Associates Town)
  76. Alkabeer Town/Alkabeer Apartments
  77. Tayyeb Garden
  78. Mughal Homes Phase 1
  79. LDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  80. Peer Colony
  81. Sharif Town
  82. Park View Villas
  83. Qasim Garden Housing Scheme

Following is the list of illegal housing schemes situated in Lahore Zone 2:

  1. Shaheen Garden
  2. Madina Garden
  3. Barkat Garden
  4. AlQamar Homes
  5. Engineers Park
  6. Chughtai Garden
  7. Golfers Line 1 Farm Housing Scheme
  8. Golfers Line 2 Farm Houses Scheme
  9. Alnoor Park
  10. Alfajar City
  11. Urban Homes
  12. Hajveri Homes
  13. Elite Villas
  14. Pearl Garden
  15. Mariam Park
  16. Aman Park
  17. Albashir Homes
  18. Gher Qanooni Housing Scheme
  19. Ghousia Colony
  20. Zain Homes
  21. Mustafa Town
  22. Prime Homes
  23. Mahnoor Villas
  24. Johar Villas
  25. Islam Park
  26. Rehman Park
  27. Green Cap Housing Scheme
  28. Park Arab Housing Scheme Phase 2
  29. Hajveri Garden
  30. IBL Homes
  31. Nazir Garden
  32. Madina Town Land Subdivision
  33. Green Park Housing Scheme
  34. Waheed Brothers
  35. Gillani Park Phase 1
  36. Gillani Park Phase 2
  37. Ideal Garden
  38. Anwar Town
  39. Garrison Housing Scheme
  40. Garrison Homes Housing Scheme
  41. Mian Aziz Garden
  42. Gillani Homes
  43. Eden Villas
  44. Aljannat Homes
  45. Taj Bagh Housing Scheme
  46. Green Farms
  47. Faisal Town Phase 2
  48. Arshad Garden
  49. Ferozpur City
  50. Pak Arab Enclave
  51. Babar Homes and Zaheer Villas
  52. Khayaban-e-Amin Phase 1 (F,H,K,L,M,N,P,Q,R,S,T & Commercial Broadway)
  53. Bahria Orchard Phase 3
  54. Bahria Orchard Phase 4
  55. Feroz Park
  56. Hakim Town
  57. Jeewa Park
  58. Sharif Park 1 & 2
  59. Tayyeb Town
  60. Rana Park
  61. Mairaj Homes
  62. Almadina Garden
  63. Lahore Gardens
  64. City Garden Housing Scheme
  65. Gulshan-e-Sir Syed Housing Scheme
  66. Elite Town
  67. Gulberg Park Housing Scheme
  68. Subhan Gardens
  69. Madina View Housing Scheme
  70. Rana Garden
  71. Akhtar Abad Housing Scheme
  72. Faisal Town
  73. Bilal Town
  74. New Gulshan Lahore Housing Scheme
  75. New Kashmir Park
  76. Royal City
  77. Mirza Estate
  78. Roshan Town
  79. Hammad Garden
  80. Badar Colony
  81. Abdullah Park
  82. Indus Estate
  83. Mian G Abdullah Land Subdivision
  84. Saleem Garden Land Subdivision
  85. Sabir Estate-2
  86. Zeeshan Housing Scheme
  87. Abdullah Park
  88. Aziz Colony
  89. Bahria Education and Medical City
  90. Good Luck Garden Land Subdivision
  91. Haidery Homes

B – Some housing schemes have submitted applications to LDA for approval of their projects, but such housing schemes will be marked as unapproved and illegal until proper NOC is issued by LDA.

Following is the list of such unapproved housing schemes in Lahore Zone 1:

  1. Alhafeez Garden Phase 2
  2. Alqadeer City
  3. New Palm Villas Housing Scheme
  4. Lahore Medical Scheme Phase 3
  5. Lahore Medical Scheme Phase 1
  6. Sajid Garden
  7. Global Village
  8. Bahria Orchard Phase 2
  9. Bahria Town Sector D
  10. Bahria Town Sector E
  11. Bahria Town Sector F
  12. Zaitoon City Housing Scheme
  13. EE Block Bahria Town Sector D
  14. Alkabeer Town
  15. Blue Town Phase 1
  16. Rose Garden
  17. Green Land Housing Scheme
  18. Al-Ahmad Garden Scheme
  19. Al-Ghani Garden Phase 3
  20. Ghous Garden Phase 3
  21. Al-Ghani Garden Phase 2 (AC Group)
  22. Al-Karam Garden
  23. Abeer Garden
  24. Ghous Garden Phase 4
  25. Land Subdivision near Tricon Village
  26. Noman Block
  27. Ashraf Garden/Land Subdivision
  28. Mehar Garden (Land Subdivision)
  29. Gulshan-e-Lahore (Land Subdivision)
  30. Al-Hafeez Ahmed Block B (Land Subdivision)
  31. Ghani Bagh
  32. Hussain Town
  33. Al-Rehman Enclave
  34. Gold Land Garden

Following is the list of unapproved housing schemes situated in Lahore Zone 2:

  1. Rehan Garden Phase 1
  2. Rehan Garden Housing Scheme Phase 2
  3. Sun City Housing Scheme
  4. Bahria Nasheman Housing Scheme
  5. State Life Insurance Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme Phase 1 Extension
  6. Eden Garden Extension Housing Scheme (Revised)
  7. Grand Avenue Housing Scheme
  8. Hamza Town
  9. Land Subdivision Mass Residencia Block C-1 Bankers Co-op Society
  10. Al-Hamd Garden Housing Scheme
  11. Iqbal Avenue Phase 2
  12. Green Homes (Land Subdivision)
  13. Vital Orchard DD
  14. Vital Orchard EE
  15. Alnoor Residency
  16. Basti Sadaat
  17. Amin Park/D Prime/Vital Premium
  18. Vital AA
  19. Urban Villas
  20. Al-Hadi Garden
  21. Lahore High Court Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  22. Khayaban-e-Zafar Housing Scheme
  23. United City
  24. Al-Madina Avenue
  25. Lahore Villas
  26. Aftab Garden
  27. Gulf Residencia
  28. Green Avenue
  29. Al-Haram Garden
  30. Safari Garden
  31. Qasim Garden
  32. Model Housing Enclave
  33. Ali Homes/Vital Orchard
  34. Military Accounts Cooperative Housing Society

C – There are some housing schemes in Lahore whose applications for town planning have been approved by LDA, however registration of mortgaged plots, transfer of public amenities land, and approval of services design etc are under process. Therefore, such housing schemes will be considered unapproved until final approval is granted by LDA.

Following is the list of such housing schemes in Lahore Zone 1:

  1. New Lahore City Phase 2
  2. Abdalians Cooperative Housing Society Phase 2
  3. Mansoora Homes Housing Scheme (Chenab Textiles)

Following is the list of such housing schemes in Lahore Zone 2:

  1. Gulshan-e-Madina
  2. Fateh Villas
  3. Zain Residencia (Haji Park)
  4. Madni Garden

D – After the amendment in LDA act 1975 in the year 2013, local government and community development department of Punjab directed town municipal administration to transfer record of all housing schemes,  whether legal, illegal or under process situated in Lahore division, to Lahore Development Authority. Some of the transferred housing schemes are still pending approval due to miscellaneous reasons, and the local government is yet to decide the status of those housing scheme.

Following is the list of such housing schemes in Lahore Zone 1:

  1. Bilal Town
  2. Canal Valley/Skaia Phase 2

Following is the list of such housing schemes Lahore Zone 2:

  1. Kahna Canal View
  2. Madina City
  3. Noor Park
  4. New Green City
  5. Siesta Enclave
  6. Govt. Transport Headquarters Cooperative Housing Scheme
  7. Anmol Cooperative Housing Scheme
  8. Madina Avenue
  9. Al-Hassan Garden
  10. Punjab Park Phase 3
  11. Iqbal Avenue Phase 4

Illegal housing societies in Lahore can be a major problem for both the government and the general public. These illegal societies often operate outside the purview of the law, meaning that they may not adhere to the same building codes and regulations as legal societies. This can lead to a range of issues, including unsafe construction practices, inadequate infrastructure, and lack of access to basic services like water and electricity.

One of the most well-known illegal housing societies in Lahore is the Bahria Town Lahore. This society has been the subject of numerous legal challenges, with the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) alleging that it was developed without the necessary approvals and permissions. Despite these allegations, the society remains operational, and many people continue to live there.

Another illegal housing society in Lahore is the DHA Lahore Extension. This society was also developed without the necessary approvals and permissions, and has faced numerous legal challenges as a result. However, it remains operational and continues to attract buyers and residents.

There are also a number of smaller illegal housing societies in Lahore, including the Al-Fatah Housing Society and the Lahore Ring Road Society. These societies have also faced legal challenges and are considered to be operating outside the law.

It is important for the government to take action against illegal housing societies in Lahore, as they can pose a significant risk to the safety and well-being of the people who live there. While it may be tempting to buy a property in one of these societies due to lower prices, it is important to consider the potential risks and to only purchase property in legal and properly approved societies.

It is important to do your due diligence and research any housing society before making a purchase. If you have any doubts or concerns, it is always a good idea to consult with a real estate lawyer or the LDA for guidance. By being informed and cautious, you can protect yourself and your investment from the risks of illegal housing societies in Lahore.( List of illegal housing societies in Lahore for 2022)

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