Illegal Housing Societies in Rawalpindi.

Being one of the twin cities close to the capital of Pakistan, Rawalpindi has earned its fair share of development and growth. The people have settled with numerous amenities and modern housing schemes in Rawalpindi which has been the center of the huge face of development. Many of the housing societies established have gained popularity and approval by RDA (RAWALPINDI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY). Unfortunately, there are many societies that are Illegal housing societies in Rawalpindi with people investing in them. These illegal societies can be categorized due to their specific reason for being illegal by RDA.

We at plotperty will list down some of these societies so as to help out the investors.

List of Illegal Housing Societies in Rawalpindi.


Some of the Illegal housing societies of Rawalpindi are approved either by TMATehsil Municipal Administration) or over some Kanals.

  1. Sardar Town
  2. Lake vista
  3. Kohistan Enclave
  4. Qartaba City
  5. Capital Smart City
  6. Top City
  7. Rabia Residency
  8. Multi Gardens
  9. Pakistan Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  10. Dream Valley Housing Scheme
  11. Bahria Golf City
  12. PIA Officers Cooperative Housing Society
  13. Banker City court
  14. Al-Haram City
  15. Pakistan Govt. Employees
  16. Gandhara City
  17. Safari Valley
  18. Elite Reverie Housing

Fake Scheme

Some other societies that are illegal are due to Fake Schemes listed down.

  1. Gulshan-e-Subhan
  2. Gulshan-e-Muhammadi
  3. Khaber City
  4. Indus City
  5. Islamabad Green Valley
  6. Jamu & Kashmir Enterprises
  7. Khan Model Town
  8. Latif Abad
  9. Motorway View City
  10. National Agro City
  11. New Islamabad City
  12. New Islamabad Farming
  13. Qurtaba Farming
  14. Gulshan-e-Sangral
  15. Hinna Town
  16. Rawalpindi Green City
  17. Gulshan-e-Kashmir (I, II)
  18. Khyber Model Town
  19. City Model Town
  20. Dubia City
  21. Gulshan-e-Mustifa
  22. Pir Meher Ali Shah Town
  23. Jafria Town
  24. Pindi Dairy Town
  25. Al-Baddar Motorway
  26. Khyber Model Town
  27. Al-Heaven Garden
  28. Al-Heaven Garden
  29. Classic City
  30. Gulshan-e-Batgram
  31. Latif Abad
  32. Khan Model Town
  33. Motorway View City
  34. National Agro City
  35. New Islamabad City
  36. New Islamabad Farming
  37. Qurtaba Corporation
  38. Qurtaba Farming
  39. Rawal Garden
  40. Saad Town
  41. Saleh City
  42. Sanam Valley
  43. Sara Town
  44. Osama Town
  45. Vooler City
  46. Al-Ibrahim City
  47. SSR & Co.
  48. Al-Harmain Town
  49. PARC Cooperative Housing Society
  50. Pak PWD
  51. Ali Mola Motorway City
  52. Sun Light City


Some of the societies are said to be illegal because of their unapproved status.

  1. Elegant City
  2. The Avenue
  3. Discovery Garden
  4. The life residencia
  5. Iqbal City
  6. Park Zameen Town
  7. Mehmood Town
  8. New Metro City
  9. Bahria Golf City (Extension area)
  10. Federation of Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  11. Aurora Housing Scheme
  12. Lake Marina
  13. New Murree Township (Land Sub-Division)
  14. CBR Residencia
  15. Bahria Enclave III
  16. Army Welfare Trust Housing Society
  17. Ministry of Commerce Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  18. Judicial Town
  19. Utility Corporative Housing Society
  20. Blue World City
  21. Airport Residencia
  22. Capital Valley
  23. New City Housing Scheme (Phase-II)
  24. Kohsar Extension
  25. Kohstan Enclave Extension
  26. National Police Foundation Cooperative Housing Society
  27. Al-Fazal Garden
  28. Veteran Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  29. Engineer Cooperative Housing Society
  30. Wah Residencia
  31. Gulshan-e-sehat Health Cooperative Housing
  32. Society
  33. High Gate Hills
  34. Saffron City
  35. Silver City Prime
  36. Wapda Town (Wapda Employees Cooperative Housing Society)
  37. Islamabad Farm House Ph-I
  38. Hawk Melbourne
  39. Mega City
  40. Seven Enclave (Land Sub-Division)
  41. Islamabad Golf City
  42. Gallop Greens Farm Houses
  43. Bin Alam
  44. Prism Town
  45. Bahria Town Dhagal
  46. Elixer Resort
  47. Blue Hills
  48. Green City
  49. Bahria Enclave II (partially Islamabad)
  50. Baroha Farm Houses
  51. Tariq Sharif Smart City
  52. Hawk Eye Residencia
  53. Rose Valley
  54. Rawal Palm City
  55. Faisal Town Phase II

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