Illegal societies in Multan by plotperty with respect to 2022

Illegal societies in Multan 2022.

Multan is a city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is known for its rich history and cultural heritage, and is often referred to as the “City of Saints“. However, this development raises the possibility of unlawful housing projects that are illegal societies, which may be extremely dangerous to prospective purchasers’ safety and well-being.

Before making a purchase, it is crucial for anybody intending to invest in real estate in Lahore to fully investigate any housing societies and be aware of any potential hazards.

Illegal Societies in Multan by Plotperty

Illegal Societies

The following is a list of unlawful housing societies in Multan that you should avoid in order to protect yourself and your investment:

  1. Kahkashan City (Al-Mustafa Town)
  2. Hayat Village
  3. Green Avenue
  4. Mian City Phase-II
  5. Gulberg Town Phase-II Housing Scheme
  6. Al-Haram City
  7. Rahman Town
  8. Al-Rahman Garden
  9. Saad Village
  10. Ambassador Homes
  11. Gulshan-e-Rahman Housing Scheme
  12. Al-Makka Town
  13. Mian City Phase-1
  14. Model Town
  15. Madni Land
  16. Bismillah City
  17. Meo Town
  18. Abdullah Avenue
  19. Satellite Homes
  20. Niaz Homes
  21. Diamond Homes
  22. Green Fort Villas
  23. New Zain Town
  24. Dreamland
  25. Nawab Colony
  26. Mansoor Villas
  27. Ashiana Town
  28. Chand Village
  29. Umer Town
  30. Metro Homes
  31. Khar Homes
  32. Shah Town Phase-II
  33. Luxury Homes
  34. Mawa City
  35. Iqbal City
  36. Falcon City
  37. Millenium City
  38. Shahjehan City
  39. Model City
  40. Deewan Town
  41. Yousuf Avenue Housing Scheme
  42. Babar Town
  43. WAPDA Town Phase-III
  44. MHA Phase-I
  45. Cantt Avenue Housing Scheme
  46.  Qasim Villas, Pace City,
  47. Royal Residency
  48. Nayab Grace City
  49. Falcon City
  50. Green Fort Plus
  51. Irfan Colony
  52. Raj Homes
  53. Al Mustafa Colony
  54. Gulistan Colony
  55. Abdullah Village
  56. Aashiq Garden
  57. Hussain garden
  58. Civil Society
  59. Gulshan Faiz
  60. Ahmed City
  61. Umair town
  62. Hayat Village
  63. Hasban City
  64. Al huda homes
  65. Al Makkah Town
  66. Abdullah avenue
  67. Al haram City
  68. Arsalan City
  69. Iqbal LSD
  70. R.M.H.A
  71. Green fort plus Extension
  72. Chinab Village
  73. Joiya executive Villas
  74. Niyaz Homes
  75. Peace City
  76. Diamond Homes
  77. Murad Garden
  78. Gulistan e Fareed
  79. Green Acres
  80. Bakhtawar Homes
  81. Green Fort plus
  82. Canal Villas
  83. Arham/Shahzad town
  84. Golden City
  85. Junaid Iqbal City
  86. Tanveer Town
  87. Sundar City
  88. Judicial Land
  89. Iqbal Nagar
  90. Gulistan e Ahmed
  91. Gulistan e Mujtaba
  92. Green fort Villas
  93. Shah Town
  94. Ahmed Villas
  95. Al shan City


A few housing plans have applied to the MDA for approval of their projects, however, until the MDA issues the required NOC, these housing schemes will be classed as unapproved and unlawful.

The list of these unapproved housing projects is listed below:

  1. Mir Dada Street
  2. Bismillah City
  3. Aashiq e ilahi City
  4. Madni LSD
  5. Gulshan e Ishaque
  6. Three star
  7. Engineering Avenue
  8. Ali green City
  9. Al rehman Garden
  10. Rizwan Town
  11. NAyab Grace city
  12. New Al Babar
  13. Siddique Garden
  14. Gulshan e Kareem
  15. Mariyam City
  16. Al Ramzan Town
  17. Asad City
  18. Tawakkal Town
  19. Executive block
  20. Ghaffar Dream City
  21. Safari town Extension
  22. New Zakaria LSD
  23. Gulraiz Hassan
  24. Mujahid Canal View
  25. Gulshan e Talha
  26. Gulistan e Ali
  27. Gulraiz Extension
  28. Gulistan e Meher ali town
  29. Al Khidmat LSD
  30. Pearl Land
  31. Owais Town
  32. Abdullah Town
  33. Madina Town
  34. Babar Town
  35. Sun City Homes
  36. Kamal Park Avenue
  37. Fatima Luxury villas
  38. Ahmed LSD
  39. Talal Bagh LSD
  40. Gulshan e Basheer
  41. New Gulshan meher Colony
  42. Saad LSD
  43. Cant Villas
  44. Qasim Villas Extension
  45. Qasim Villas
  46. New Gulberg
  47. Noor City
  48. Owais Villas
  49. Ussam LSD
  50. Sarwar LSD
  51. Lalazar
  52. Najaf City
  53. Iqbal Town
  54. Model City
  55. New Silver City
  56. Ahmed Garden
  57. Osaf City
  58. Johar LSD
  59. Jannat Garden
  60. Rasheed Homes
  61. Usman Town
  62. Manzoor Shareef Town
  63. Hamid Town
  64. Adeel Canal View
  65. Elexel City
  66. Park lane LSD
  67. Civil City
  68. Al Khaleel Town
  69. Yasmeen High roof Villas
  70. Palm Villas
  71. Kamal Park Avenue
  72. Al Kabeer City
  73. Paradise City
  74. Hameed LSD
  75. New Ibrahim City
  76. Jinnah Garden
  77. Gulshan Rehman
  78. Ali Garden
  79. Fazal Kareen Town
  80. Ahmed Bacha colony
  81. Afzal City
  82. MHA 2
  83. Morrisso
  84. Dildaar City
  85. Roshan Town
  86. Karam Town
  87. New Ali Garden
  88. Ali Garden
  89. Ganj Shakkar LSD
  90. Kainat Villas

The individuals and the authorities in Multan may have major issues with these illegal societies in Multan. These unlawful societies frequently function outside the reach of the law, which means that they might not follow the same zoning laws and construction requirements as legal societies. This may result in a number of problems, such as risky building techniques, shoddy infrastructure, and restricted access to necessities like power and water.

Smaller illegal housing societies like Yasmeen high-roof villas and Noor City are also present in Multan. These societies have likewise encountered legal issues and are seen as acting illegally.

The well-being and safety of the residents of illegal societies in Multan are in serious danger, hence it is crucial that the government take action against them. While it could be intriguing to purchase a home in one of these societies owing to the reduced pricing, it’s crucial to weigh the dangers and to only do so in societies that are legitimate and have been legally recognized.

Before making a purchase, it is crucial to conduct your due diligence and study any housing society. It is always a good idea to get advice from a real estate attorney or the MDA if you have any questions or concerns.

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