List of Unapproved Societies Projects by SBCA in Sindh

illegal socities in karachi

Living in an exceedingly safe and peaceful society is that the vacant minimum needs anyone before finance to shop for a replacement house or plot anywhere. However, specializing in these 2 things alone will cause tons of issues in the future if the society you invest in has not nonetheless been approved by SBCA. Last year, once the demolition of a Nasla Tower, engineered upon encroached land that was designated for a service road, the govt issued a notice against the extralegal housing societies. Later on, an inventory was unleashed by the SBCA documenting all the illegal housing societies primarily based in Karachi.

Since this list singles out all the extralegal housing societies in the metropolis, new investors will see this document to soundly invest in any place while not the chance of a loss in the future. With a large range of illegal structures demolished everywhere in Karachi this year, it’s necessary to envision the standing of any property or society before you invest in them. shopping for properties whether or not they’re industrial or residential, engineered upon encroached land can solely cause major losses in the future.

The list of illegal societies in Karachi and Sindh is:

Sindh Building Control Authority has released a list of unapproved society projects. Avoid buying and selling these society projects.

  • North Town Phase 1 – GFS Builders – Poultry land / NA-Class Land
  • Sadaf Dream Apartment – M Kamil Builders – Baba Morr Surjani
  • Seher Cottage – Seher Builders – Weh Jam Chakro / NA- Class Land
  • Anabiya Enclave – Halkani
  • Alahmed Town – King Builders – Deh Mango Pir
  • Ahsen City – Halkani – Survey Number
  • North Town Phase 2 and Phase 3 – SGF Builder – Gulshan-e-Bilal/Weh Band Murad 
  • Lal-a-Zar – Saima Builders – Deh Band Murad Khan
  • GareebAbad Goth – Band Murad Block Number 345/34
  • Goth HazratAbad 
  • Raees Goth Band Murad Khan
  • Alsafah Garden – Almanzil Builders – Deh Band Murad Khan
  • Ali Town – KSF Builder – Deh Band Murad
  • Salman Town – National Highway
  • Gulshan-e-Sameer – Deh Thano Gadap
  • Ideal City
  • Brook City – NA-Class Land
  • Arej Residentia – Arej Builders – Deh Band Murad/NA-Class
  • Maria City – Gadap Town – Government Land
  • Alsafa Garden Scheme 33 – NA-Class Land
  • Abdullah Murad Dream City – Gadap – Government Land
  • Sheraz Town – Pak Land Housing
  • Gulshan-e-Ali –  DehBand Murad/NA-Class – Block Number 218/214
  • Gulshan-e-Noor – Superhighway
  • Alqaim City – Superhighway
  • Makka City – Super Highway
  • Usmani Town – Superhighway
  • Madina City – Superhighway
  • Ali Hassan Brohi Town – Phase Deh Hub – Phase Deh Band Murad block number 225/224/225
  • Haji Hakim Ali Zardari Town – Deh Hulkani Phase – Phase Deh Mahi Gaarhi – Fez Deh Deh Band Murad Block number 370/371/372
  • Maleha Tower – Surjani Town – Maleeha Builders
  • Haaji Jaro Grand Town – Deh Mithaan Phase 11
  • Gulistan-e-Fatima – Deh Gendpas Phase 1
  • Zeba Zehri Hotel – Petrol pump – Deh Band Murad
  • Hamdard City
  • Areesha City – Band Murad 
  • Pak China Town – Northern Bypass
  • Sehat City – Weh Nagan
  • Saima Ranches – Deh Halkani 
  • Naya Nazimabad – Mango Pir
  • Murad Brohi Block number 219 – Deh Band Murad Khan


All these projects are blacklisted and a crackdown is being initiated against them. According to further information, all these illegal societies in Karachi are being sold to the public without passing any kind of NOC or map from SBCA. People spend their whole life crying because of the builder’s mafia.

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