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Moonlight Welfare Foundation has collaborated with Plotperty. This initiative accommodates the survivors of the flooding fiasco in Pakistan. A calamity that has flipped around the whole country obliterating a great many individuals, yields, and property. The areas near the Indus Highway are perhaps the most impacted. The whole area is suffocated under 5-6 feet of water. Notwithstanding the terrific situation, people are moving to the safe spots without any governmental guidance. They have an undersupply of food, dry ration bags, and medicinal aid, and sitting under an open sky with their sick kids and thousands of homes destroyed.

Moonlight Welfare Foundation collaborating with Plotperty

Collaboration Agenda of Moonlight & Plotperty

Team Moonlight in a joint effort with Plotperty has reached over to the remote areas of Southern Punjab, Pakistan. To carry out humanitarian assistance to the poverty-stricken people of flood catastrophe. Distributing food sacks, dry ration bags, clean drinking water, and garments. In addition to that, they’ve counseled the locals about other essential needs. Team Plotperty stands with the Moonlight Welfare Foundation in its compassionate and magnanimous work, thus sharing the pride and affirmation to withstand the selfless objectives of Moonlight Welfare Foundation toward charitable endeavors.

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About Moonlight & Plotperty’s Collaboration

It is a charitable, non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded by the four students of Khawaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology (KFUEIT). Since MWF has been working solemnly as a flood relief program covering the regions of Rajanpur and Rojhan. They coordinated the work in two stages. Firstly, they distributed cooked meals, clothes, and water bottles for clean drinking. Secondly, the inspiration is to forestall the episode of malarial and dengue contaminations. For this purpose, they also give out mosquito repellents, and nets to the people. Furthermore, taking into account the nutrition needs of the children, they hand out containers of powdered milk, biscuits, and rusks.

Moonlight & Plotperty

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In the final analysis, team Plotperty along with the team Moonlight requests everyone to share a helping hand in these times of crisis and share your donations with us in whichever form seems feasible.

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