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New Metro City Gujar


The housing development known as New Metro City Gujar Khan was built by BSM Developers and is situated close to the GT Road. The business first created New Metro City Kharian and has since introduced New Metro City Gujar Khan because of its success. The project’s key qualities include affordability, location, rapid growth, and well-known developers. The mega project is a massive development that was started with the goal of providing a luxurious yet affordable housing program. The best investment opportunity close to Gujar Khan is offered by the society’s prime location next to the GT Road. The project is just a short drive from Islamabad as well. Gujar Khan’s New Metro City will undoubtedly close the gap between luxury and affordability.

Owners & Developers

The New Metro City Gujar Khan was developed by BSM Developers PVT LTD. The business is the brainchild of Malik Riaz’s grandson Bilal Bashir Malik, who also owns Bahria Town. working as enthusiastically as his forebears. The BSM Developers developed the Metro City after launching their career with Golf City Gwadar. The developer has envisioned Metro City as a cost-effective housing development with all contemporary amenities. Gujjar Khan developers and owners of New Metro City Malik Riaz’s grandson has also committed to uphold the same elite standards that are emblematic of Bahria Town societies. A highly qualified group of experts is working around the clock to complete the project before the deadline while generating higher revenues.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Location

Any society’s location is important. As a result, this project has been expertly planned in the most desirable and ideal location in the city. It is strategically located on the Main GT Road, close to Islamabad. The primary entrance to the New Metro City Gujjar Khan is immediately off GT Road, and there are a lot more entries on adjacent routes.

The location of New Metro City Gujar Khan is advantageous since it has good access to the GT road. The location of this society is ideal for both investing and living. Most importantly, all of the amenities and business establishments are nearby thanks to their excellent connectivity and accessibility. This area would attract people looking for a great lifestyle close to Islamabad. the excellent location of the site, and its affordability, which distinguishes it. The planned New Metro City’s Gujjar Khan location also makes it a prime site for real estate investment. It is affordable before launch, but costs will triple over the next five years. Every component of a luxury living facility is considered in the overall development of this project. This area is wonderful because of the many top-notch schools and hospitals that are nearby.

Master Plan of New Metro City Gujar Khan

The New Metro City Housing Scheme in Gujar Khan was planned by a group of experts, including architects and civil engineers. In order to distinguish it from other Gujar khan housing developments, infrastructure construction is being given careful consideration.

The following area is where the New Metro City Housing Scheme has plots available:

5 Marla plot for sale

7 Marla plot for sale

10 Marla plot for sale

1 Kanal plot for sale

New Metro City Gujjar Khan Housing Scheme Planning a well-planned housing complex has features like underground electricity lines, a contemporary sewerage system, wide roads, footpaths, gardens, fields, cemeteries, and green open spaces. Due to people’s desire to live in carefully thought-out housing societies, building communities with cutting-edge planning typically draw a sizable pool of buyers. This is why New Metro City Gujar Khan is the best location in Rawalpindi to live and invest.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Payment Plan

The New Metro City Gujar Khan payment plans have reasonable prices and simple installment schedules. The Metro City plots for sale are available for reservation at reasonable prices. The management and developers have considered maintaining the lowest possible prices. Low rates have made it possible for people with low incomes to take advantage of the ideal investment opportunity.

The following are the plots in Metro City Gujar Khan’s installment plans:

SizeDown Payment24 Monthly InstallmentsTOTAL PRICE
5 Marla450,00030,4002,450,000
7 Marla550,00047,0003,250,000
10 Marla750,00059,5004,350,000
1 Kanal1,050,000130,4007,850,000

Facilities and Amenities

At affordable prices, the New Metro City Gujar Khan offers contemporary amenities and conveniences. Any opulent modern multipurpose project, which referred to as a whole real estate project, includes the facilities.

The following are the amenities of New Metro City Gujar Khan:

Eco-friendly: The project will offer a modern, environmentally friendly living that is close to nature. The intimate proximity to nature will offer a singular experience that is not in Pakistan.


Water Resources: The project has taken into consideration the water requirements of the locals. To do this, enormous amount of water will be store in water reservoirs that the residents can utilize for daily tasks.

Business and Commercial Hub: All economic and commercial requirements have meet the requirements by the developers. The project will offer a comprehensive business space as a result. The inhabitants can satisfy all the project’s business needs from these locations.


A project must feel safe to be secure. People are given complete security by a security system that has place 24/7 CCTV cameras and other equipment. To guarantee a high level of safety, the project will also enclose a boundary wall with a failsafe system.


The notable characteristics of New Metro City Gujar Khan include:

  • Shops
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • 24/7 security
  • Maintenance
  • Eco-community
  • Water Resources
  • Beautiful Entrance
  • Quality Development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Sewerage and waste disposal system
  • World-class infrastructure development


In summary, New Metro City Gujar Khan is a high-end housing complex near GT Road in Rawalpindi. Developed by BSM Developers PVT LTD, it offers various plot sizes (5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal) with convenient installment plans. However, the property boasts a prime location, excellent connectivity, and access to commercial and medical facilities. It features modern infrastructure, underground electrical lines, advanced sewage systems, wide roads, gardens, and green spaces. Similarly, with water supplies, a commercial hub, CCTV surveillance, and an eco-friendly design, it ensures security and desirability. This society presents an exceptional investment opportunity, with the potential to triple in value over the next five years, combining luxury and affordability in Rawalpindi.

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