Nova One, Lahore.

Nova One Lahore, a high-rise multi-purpose development project by Nova Developers, is situated in close proximity to Ferozpur Road, near Kalma Chowk. The project offers a comprehensive range of properties, comprising apartments, offices, and shops, all under one roof.

For those seeking an integrated and convenient lifestyle, Nova One Lahore presents an ideal opportunity. The luxurious apartments are equipped with modern amenities and offer affordability, while the office spaces offer a perfect location to establish a business with the capability to reach a broad audience, both locally and internationally.

SocietyNova One.
LocationLahore, Pakistan.
Total Area18 Kanal land.
DistributionResidential and Commercial plots, and Corporate Offices.
Payment Plan48-monthly installments.
Plotperty’s Overview


The project is developed by Nova Developers, a well-established real estate company renowned for their development of world-class property projects such as Nova City Islamabad and Nova City Peshawar.

The project has been designed by the Italian firm Casamonati, which is an architecture company providing cutting-edge services to the real estate industry. Casamonati is well-known not just in Pakistan, but globally, and has a reputation for delivering some of the best property projects in Beijing, China.

NOC and Permits

The No Objection Certificate for Nova One Lahore is in the process of being obtained from the development authorities of Lahore. Projects that have been legally approved and have the necessary documentation have a higher likelihood of being completed and delivered to investors.

Location of Nova One Lahore

The building view to Nova One Lahore

The position of Nova One Lahore is conveniently situated near Ferozpur Road and Kalma Chowk, which plays a significant role in the success of the project. The placement of Nova One Lahore near Ferozpur Road and Kalma Chowk was a strategic decision made by the developers with the aim of ensuring its accessibility and success. The location of a real estate project plays a crucial role in determining its success.

Accessible From

The Project of Nova Developers is Accessible from the below-given locations:

  1. Ferozpur Road: Adjacent to the Feroz Pur road.
  2. Canal Road: Almost 11 min drive away.
  3. Walton Road: Almost 11 min drive away.
  4. Lahore Ring Road: Almost 23 min drive away.
  5. Allama Iqbal International Airport: Almost 05 min drive away.

Floor Plans

The plans for Nova One Lahore include a 45-story building that has been professionally designed with the latest and most modern architectural features. The luxurious interiors are equipped with top-notch amenities, offering a world-class living experience. The building has the capacity to house over 500 vehicles in its 3-story basement parking area. It is also designed to withstand earthquakes and harsh weather conditions.

Nova One Lahore offers a range of properties, including:

  1. Corporate offices on 3 floors
  2. Commercial shops on 3 floors
  3. Residential apartments on 39 floors

Payment Plans


Sky Villas ResidentialPrice Per SQFTArea SQFTTotal PaymentToken AmountBooking 10%Confirmation
48 monthly
20 on Possession
Single Bed30,0001,20036,000,0001,000,0002,600,0003,600,000450,0007,200,000
Double Bed30,0001,66349,875,0001,000,0003,987,5004,987,500623,4388,640,000
Three Bed30,0002,06361,875,0001,000,0005,187,5006,187,500773,43817,280,000
PenthouseSold outSold outSold outSold outSold outSold outSold outSold out
Residential payment plan


Corporate SectionPrice Per SQFTArea SQFTTotal PaymentToken AmountBooking 10%Confirmation
48 monthly
20 on Possession
Startup Executive Office40,00051820,720,0001,000,0001,072,0003,600,000450,0007,200,000
Entrepreneur Office40,0001,03741,480,0001,500,0002,648,0004,987,500623,4388,640,000
Corporate Executive Office40,0002,06682,640,000200,0006,264,0006,187,500773,43817,280,000
Office Corporate payment plan


Business Shops Corporate SectionPrice Per SQFTArea SQFTTotal PaymentToken AmountBooking 10%Confirmation
48 monthly
20 on Possession
Smart Business Shop100,00025025,000,0001,500,0001,000,0002,500,000312,5005,000,000
Growing Business Shop100,00043243,200,0002,000,0002,320,0004,320,000540,0008,640,000
Established Business Shop100,00086486,400,0002,500,0006,140,0008,640,0001,080,00017,280,000
Shops Corporate payment plan

Luxuries and Facilities

  1. Eco Friendly
  2. Water Resources
  3. Business & Commercial Hub
  4. Secure property Project
  5. High-Quality Road Infrastructure
  6. Beautiful entrance
  7. Affordability
  8. Accessibility
  9. 24/7 security
  10. Maintenance
  11. Boundary Wall
  12. Grand Mosque
  13. Eco-community
  14. Water Resources
  15. Quality Development
  16. Water, Gas, Electricity
  17. Concealed electrification
  18. Sewerage and waste disposal system
  19. World-class infrastructure development
  20. Sports complex with indoor and outdoor facilities
  21. Medical Facilities offered by Hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics

Nova One Lahore Real Estate Benefits

Real estate investment can be highly profitable and yield significant returns, but it’s important to approach it correctly. Some of the main benefits of investing in real estate include financial security, stable income, low maintenance, passive income, and a non-depreciable asset. By owning a property, you can keep its value high and generate a stable income by renting it out. Real estate investment is also relatively low maintenance and can provide a steady source of passive income. Additionally, when invested in correctly, real estate is an asset that will not lose its value over time, and may even appreciate if there are significant developments in the area.

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