saadi town

  • Saadi Town is named after famous Persian poet Shaikh Saadi who wrote Bostan and Gulistan.
  • Saadi Town is a project of Pakland Housing Projects
  • It is a boundary wall town
  • Saadi Town is one of the well-known residential societies with its No Objection Certificate (NOC) approved by Cantonment Board Malir (CBM).
  • Saadi Town also owns NOC for the supply of gas and electricity. The people enjoy a nonstop supply of electricity.
  • Saadi Town is divided into seven blocks
  • Saadi Town Karachi is a CBM-approved residential society located in Scheme 33, close to Super Link Road, Karachi.
  • City District: Malir
  • Union Councils: 6
  • Coordinates:   24°58’3″N   67°10’19″E


All Plots(190) including:

  • Residential Plots
  • Commercial Plots

Locations of Plots For Sale in Saadi Town

  • Saadi Town – Block 7(48)
  • Saadi Town – Block 5(18)
  • Saadi Town – Block 4(17)
  • Saadi Town – Block 2(11)
  • Saadi Town – Block 6(2)
  • Saadi Town – Block 3(2)
  • Saadi Town – Block 1(2)

The residential plots of the following sizes are available in Saadi Town:

  • 120 sq. yd.
  • 200 sq. yd.
  • 240 sq. yd.
  • 400 sq. yd.

The commercial plots of the following sizes are available in Saadi Town:

  • 83 sq. yd.
  • 88 sq. yd.
  • 89 sq. yd.
  • 90 sq. yd.
  • 120 sq. yd.
  • 147 sq. yd.

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How to book a plot in Saadi Town

  1. You can visit Saadi Town head office: 12A, Street 32, Maqboolabad nearby Trade Tower, Karachi.
  2. You can contact us to connect with them for you :

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