Sindh Employees Housing Scheme


The Sindh Employees Housing Scheme is a cheap housing project made by Qurtuba Builders & Developers. They are offering plots for people to build homes or businesses on, and you can pay for it over four years. There are a lot of good things in this community, like hospitals, schools, sports facilities, and transportation. It’s located near DHA City Karachi on the Superhighway M-9 in Karachi. The builder is also giving special deals to fast food places, medical offices, and schools that want to open up here. The cost of the commercial plots is set, but for the residential plots, you only have to pay 5% of the cost upfront. They don’t have many plots available, so you need to reserve one quickly

Owners & Developers

The Sindh Employees Builders & Developers is a well-known company in Pakistan’s real estate market. They have a good reputation for creating great projects that meet their customers’ needs and expectations. The company has a team of very skilled experts who work very hard to make sure that every project they work on is done with the best quality and excellence.

Its Builders & Developers understand the real estate industry in their area very well, and they work hard to provide affordable housing options for the people of Pakistan. They have completed many successful projects in the past, and they have gained the trust and respect of their clients because of their focus on quality and making sure their clients are happy. They really enjoy what they do, and they are committed to making sure their clients’ needs are met and exceeded.

The people who own and are developing the Sindh Employees Housing Scheme want the people who live there to have access to modern amenities and services.

They have worked very hard to make sure that the project is designed to meet the needs of the people who will live there. They have done everything they can to create a product that sets a new standard for real estate.

Sindh Employees Housing Scheme Location

The project area is near a lot of other places, like BAHRIA TOWN, Karachi, DHA City, City University, Education City, Agha Khan Medical Complex, Malir Development Scheme No. 1, Quaid-e-Azam University, and other places where people live. It’s on a big highway, and it’s a really pretty area. A lot of people want to live there because they want to be away from the city’s growing population and pollution.

Master Plan of Sindh Employees Housing Scheme

The SEHS is a housing project made specifically for Sindh government workers who need affordable homes. It was planned very carefully to make sure it would work well. The SESSI, which is owned by the government, is in charge of making this project happen. Their job is to make sure that Sindh government employees have social security benefits.

SEHS project is building over 130,000 residential options on 16,000 acres outside Karachi, with schools, hospitals, parks, mosques, and stores. The first stage will provide around 50,000 government workers with affordable housing options, with installments available. This project aims to improve their standard of living by providing easier access to essential amenities.


Sindh Employees Housing Scheme Payment Plan

The Sindh Employees Housing Scheme in Karachi provides multiple choices for residential plot sizes, including 125 SQY, 300 SQY, 500 SQY, and 1000 SQY. To book a plot, a small 5% down payment is required, and the remaining balance can be paid in 48 monthly and 8 semi-annual installments over 4 years. However, the payment plan only includes the cost of the land, and additional development and utility fees will be charged separately later.

The payment schedule for residential lots at Sindh Employees Housing Scheme Karachi is as follows:

SizeTotal costDown paymentOn possessionInstallments (48 months)
125 SQY550,00025,00095,0005000
300 SQY1,050,00050,000134,00012,000
500 SQY1,500,000100,000136,00018,000
1000 SQY2,700,000200,000340,00030,000

Facilities and Amenities

The aim of the Sindh Employees Housing Scheme is to provide a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle for its residents. To achieve this goal, the project offers a variety of modern amenities and facilities that meet contemporary living standards.

In addition to modern facilities, the project also prioritizes the safety and well-being of its occupants. To ensure that the community is safe and secure, modern security measures such as boundary walls, CCTV cameras, and a gated community have been implemented, providing round-the-clock protection to the residents.

The project also features various outdoor amenities for the residents’ enjoyment, such as parks, playgrounds, walking and jogging trails, and a community center for social gatherings and leisure activities. The lush natural environment offers an ideal setting for outdoor activities and quality time with family and friends.

To ensure residents’ convenience and satisfaction, the project also provides essential services such as a reliable water supply, electrical backup, and proper waste management.

The Sindh Employees Housing Scheme provides a modern and comfortable lifestyle with a variety of facilities for convenience and satisfaction. The project includes medical services such as hospitals and clinics, educational institutions like schools and universities, and commercial zones with shopping malls, restaurants, and other retail stores.


The notable characteristics of Sindh Employees Housing Scheme include:

  • High-speed internet connectivity
  • 24/7 security surveillance and monitoring
  • Fitness center or gym
  • Swimming pool and/or hot tub
  • Community lounge or common area
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Private balcony or patio
  • Central air conditioning and heating
  • Covered parking or garage.
  • Elevators for easy access to upper floors
  • On-site maintenance and repair services
  • Pet-friendly amenities, such as dog park or pet washing station
  • Outdoor recreation areas, such as a playground, tennis court, or basketball court
  • Energy-efficient appliances and utilities
  • Smart home technology, including remote access to temperature control, lighting, and security systems.
  • Multiple floor plan options to fit different needs and preferences.
  • On-site business center or coworking space
  • Storage units or bike storage
  • Shuttle or transportation services
  • Proximity to public transportation, shopping, and dining options.


To summarize, the Sindh Employees Housing Scheme is an ambitious project that aims to provide affordable housing options for government workers in Sindh. The development plan includes various amenities such as a gym, community center, shopping mall, parks, mosques, schools, and hospitals. The project developers have also taken steps to ensure that it is environmentally sustainable. Although the project is still in its early stages and its success is uncertain, it has the potential to effectively address the housing shortage faced by government employees in Sindh and improve their quality of life.

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